(The Westman Island tour is available from June to October)

A custom-made trip to experience the wonders of Heimaey island, walks on a volcano, puffin stakeout, a trip to Storhofdi great cape, the windiest place in Europe. Included is lunch at a restaurant and light refreshments at a local café. This is your opportunity to experience an amazing scenery and see one of Icelands worst kept secrets! 

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We will pick you up at your hotel for the two hour drive to Landeyjahofn harbour then boat for 30 minutes to Westman Islands. We start at the Westman Island Eldheimar, the museum of remembrance and that is only the beginning! Bird whatching, learn to "spranga" like the locals, learn about the Turkish Invasion, and experience the devastating effects that the volcano eruption in 1973 had on Heimaey, and also what riches it brought with it. This is a place full of history and life, interesting people and places. 

Booking information
Included in this trip is all cost for admission to the above places of interest, all ferry fees, and some and light refreshments at a local café on the island during lunch. We will also pick you up at your hotel and also return you there after the tour.
  • The vehicle you choose is equipped with free wi-fi and bottled glacial spring water.
  • Due to our wonderful Icelandic weather, this tour is dependent on whether the ferries are able to sail to the Westman island.

  • Bring warm clothes.
  • Bring good (hiking) shoes.
  • Bring a camera.
  • A ribsafari tour

    The tour is taken on a very powerful Rib boat and it takes you to explore 5 sea caves, sail around the small islands. You can expect to see lot of birds and sometimes even whales. This trip will get your adrenalin running!

  • Caution: This trip is not suitable for people with back/neck injury nor for pregnant women.
  • Available:15ht of April - 1st November
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Operated: Daily

    Do you want to see it? Check out this amazing video!

    A boat tour around the islands.

    “A must do tour in Vestmannaeyjar!!” -tripadvisor

    Viking Tours will sail with you around Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar), the trip takes 1,5 hours and gives you a look at colorful ocean caves, the newly formed volcanic island of Surtsey, and the lava coastline. You can observe varied of seabirds (including Puffins) and occasionally whales. Our trip ends by sailing into the Cliff Cave nearby the harbor, where you can hear the sound of an instrumental music, and enjoy the unique acoustic in this cave. You will see the famous elephant rock

    Note: Please consider that all trips are depending on weather conditions and wildlife. Both these additional tours start in Vestmannaeyjar.

  • This tour takes about 14 hours, and with additional options it can take up to 16 hours. You have full control the entire time. You can customise the tour. Please ask your driver during the tour for more information :-)

    We love to customize our day tours for our customers! If you have a great idea or are just curious, please contact our service and support desk at booking@servio.is or call at: +354 571 0800, during business hours. We are here for you!