Setra luxury coach
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Passenger Capacity


Luggage Capacity

Double WiFi

Servio proudly presents, the 29 seat Setra Top-Class 516HDH luxury bus to the fleet. The Setra comes with abundence of luxury such as 50 cm leather clad seats, double wi-fi, electrical plugs by each seat, a kitchenett with a cooler and a club corner with a table and storage cupboards at the rear end of the bus. The Setra has extra large windows and an all panoramic roof which gives extensive and unbroken view in all directions. The Setra is very convienient if you are travelling with a larger party, with your extended family, if you need a larger vehicle to transport your guests from one place to the other, if you want to take them on a tour in Reykjavik or sightseeing in the Southern part of Iceland. Travelling in the Setra is facinating, it offers comfort, safety, state of the art technology but most of all quality through Mercedes-Benz technology.